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"Construction has a great responsibility to build better cities, communities and futures."

Constructschön Sustainable Urban Development


Constructschön Sustainable Urban Development (o/a Construct Synergy Inc.) presents a new vision and fresh take on construction as we know it. 

As a general contractor we are challenging construction and engineering to do better in creating urban and peri-urban built environments where affordability, energy efficiency, ageing-in-place, multi-generational living and high-density, mixed-use spaces are the status quo.  

While Constructschön is a playful take on schön, the German for great and beautiful, we have a keen sense and ability to close building industry gaps that need attention and improvement.


Our emphasis is on disruptive methodologies and thinking, coupled with design and construction that intentionally strengthens interactions and relationships between the environment, people, businesses and communities, while improving building practices. 

Our emphasis is on good execution - by spending more time in the design and planning  phase, safe spaces are created to encourage raw, honest and transparent collaboration, thinking, creation and solutioning across disciplines and stakeholders. 


We are passionate about innovative projects that have a high degree of success while being positively impactful. We love  developing in collaboration with you, the community, the economy and environment! 

Working outside our comfort zones, we strive to maintain a level of discomfort - in order to elevate ourselves and to truly progress. This demands, focus, determination, patience and perseverance. 

What's new...?

As part of the Hub Scale Team, Constructschön has been selected for Stage 1, Phase 1 Development of Blatchford - the City of Edmonton's landmark high-density, mixed-use sustainable community!

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